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We at Coastal Flavors Provide Personal Chef & Catering Services Inspired with flavors from Coast to Coast.

Our Chef

Chef Craig Venable comes  from La Verne California, 35 miles east of Los Angeles. His earliest memories are Sunday cookouts with his family and friends. He moved to Atlanta in 2008 but quickly became homesick for those cookouts. So to combat his homesickness he started his own cookout for friends in Atlanta.

He fell  in love with art of cooking as he took on full responsibility for preparing those cookout. This led him to enroll in Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta, graduating in 2012. After graduation he began to quickly move up the ranks working for some of Best chefs in Atlanta.

 Food touches souls and shows people how much you appreciate them.

Our Personal Chef Services is focused on helping you bring the best possible experience to your guest.

My goal is to bring smiles and Coastal Love!

Our Food Movement

Our food movement is more important now than ever and we are going to fight harder than we ever have to give you the best.

Food is connected to every critical issue facing our nation, which is why we are fighting the good fight for food and we’re not giving up.

Our Core Values




Team work

Coastal Love

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